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Level 4 Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. MBACP


Hi, my name is Jo.

I am a qualified Person-Centred counsellor and I specialise in bereavement and pre-bereavement grief. 

I help guide clients as they work through the mourning process, learning to adapt to their loss and adjust to a new normal. My aim is for them to grow their life bigger around their grief, with the ability to remember their loved one with more love than pain.

Read on to find out how I help clients through their toughest times.

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Find out about my approach to counselling and well as my qualifications and experience.

Grieving is extremely painful, overwhelming, and unpredictable. Clients often feel like their heart is broken.

Grief cannot be fixed. It's about learning to live with a broken heart; learning to ride the huge unpredictable waves that can suddenly appear out of nowhere. 

Importantly, it's about learning to express and accept the feelings that arise, and finding ways to continue a bond whilst adapting to world that a loved one is no longer physically part of.

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I support clients by offering them a relaxed, non-judgemental, confidential space.

In this space, I hope they feel comfortable to express how they truly feel, and to talk openly about what they are experiencing as much as they need and want to.


My training with The Foundation for Infant Loss Training has given me insight into miscarriage, neonatal death, still birth and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID) along with the horrendous, traumatic and heart destroying experiences parents go through when their baby dies in this way.

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When someone we love is given a terminal diagnosis, it is normal for the grieving process to begin.

At this stage, feelings and thoughts can be just as difficult as those after the death.

Find out more about how, where and when we can begin our sessions together.

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Get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

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Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.

All we can do is learn to swim.

Vicki Harrison

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